Hello everyone! PinkGoggles here with an update on our storenvy.

We’ve worked out better shipping prices for prints/posters. We won’t be sending them in tubes any more because the tubes cost a whole lot. Instead we’ll be posting via pseudo-folding method so your print will be crease-free and easy to straighten. The orders will also be backed with sturdy cardboard to prevent any bending.

The new shipping price is $10 USD to most places, with no additional cost for extras. Shipping to Australia will is at $7 USD.

Additionally, we’re trying to clear away some old stock so we have 10% of all items until the end of this month. Use the code movestock at checkout to get the discount.

We’ll be uploading some old items!

We have some stuff left from our ‘InkPot’ days that we’d like to clear out. These will probably never get reprinted so if you’re interested in our older stuff, here’s your chance to grab them!

All of our InkPot items will be categorized under INKPOT Days.

The 10% discount code; movestock applies to these items too so please check them out!